S. I. N. (Strength In Numbers)

by I Am Many

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S. I. N. ( Strength In Numbers )


released March 6, 2012

I Am Many & Logik Proof


all rights reserved



I Am Many New York, New York


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Track Name: Good Morning
He arises out of the muc and mire, he does not aspire to shine
he shines and his light inspires
without warning the dawning of a new dawning
adawns you every morning.. Good Morning.
When he awakens all will be awoken, brilliant rays of wisdom,
exuberant beams of luminous streams come seeping through the openings,
your eyes open, you rise and shine,
remember the day is yours but the light is mine..
Moraculous by dezine inadiquatecies no atribute of mine no sir,
there comes a time when i fall behind
but i re-emerge to light up the sky every time I am powerful
thought it is by the grace of god that flowers grow
but it is by the light in mwauh that such is so,
so worship me for i am mast merciful
Birds churping, children playing, woman bathing layzilly,
the gift of the day is the present, soak in the rayz of me,
a humble sevent of the earth, i get up every morning and go to work
Track Name: Swine Flew
There is no such thing as a pig in the sky, even Les Claypool knows that pigs can't fly.
There is no such thing as a pig in the sky, even Roger Waters knows that pigs can't fly.
But it wasn't until swine flew that everything went topsy turvy times
Are you absolutely positive the sky's blue? Don't look back, there's one right behind you.

I Am Many how ya living? I'm cooling my pimpin, I'm doing swell,
(0:34) I got the triple fat goose to survive the winter in hell.
(0:37) Oh, and I've been proven innocent now show me to my cell.
The life I built outside the prison isn't that different from jail.
Gotta get up and go to work because nothing in it is free,
gotta make a living to pay for what was given to me.
Oh, and I got the game on lock but I somehow misplaced the key,
now that I can buy it I can say that I got it for free.
When I wanted to fuck with her she didn't wanna fuck with me, and
now that I don't give a what she falling in love with me.
But ya know, ahh, things are looking up when the thought of death comforts me.
Are you looking down on life cause you'reliving uncomfortably?
(1:34) Do you get mad when you're angry? Do you feel sad when you cry?
If so, "Anything Anymore" is something you should try..
But I assure you the side affect will top what your trying to cure.
You take it. You die. You don,t feel anything anymore.. It's available in pharmacies, your local corner store.
For $29.99 this solution can be yours. That's well within your budget at a price you can afford.
So why wait? You don't have to feel anything anymore.

There is no such thing as a pig in the sky even Maynard James Keenan knows that pigs can't fly.
There is no such thing as a pig in the sky, even the Mars Volta knows that pigs can't fly.

Good at rap? Get a job as a waiter, don't be stupid.
If You got an education pursue a career in music, You see that pig in the sky?
He has become a nuisance; he is the reason that all rhyme and reason is useless.
If the advice I'm giving makes sense than I wouldn't use it,
If there's a dense object in your way, i wouldn't move it.
If it appears at first to be lifeless than talk to it, if it exhibits traits of solid matter
than walk through it, ya up-jump the boogie hop, skip and jump to it,
(2:12) no sugie for grumpy boogie he, bump the noogie music..
Good at what you do, highly unlikely to succeed unless you are like me and you're probably not like me.
If I said I was like you, you wouldn't like me, If I said I was like you, you wouldn't like me,
I gotta be a fuckin model of who you would like to be.
Anybody that's buzzing, that's who I'd like to be, I also wanna be fly I wanna be a bee.

There is no such thing as a pig in the sky even Trent Reznor knows that pigs can't fly.
There is no such thing as a pig in the sky, even Nostrum Fellow knows that pigs can't fly.

(2:41) Soaring through the sky with his pair of beloved wings,
no longer rolling through the mud - on to bigger and better things.
Now that he's evolved, he's liberated and absolved and all that is beneath him when brought before him, dissolves
like the actuality in which reality revolves, turned to fallacy.
One way for the problem to be solve - You must tactfully catapult yourself into sky,
wrestle him down to the floo. See that he flies no more,
and the properties of logic will be properly restored
and these atrocities will rear their ugly faces no more,
and the upside down will be the upside up, and the downside up will be the down side down
but every pig will have it's day when Lil' Miss is flying around, and it's raining Kermit the frog,
I'll be nowhere to be found.
(3:19) I'll buy the stairway to heaven, walk my way under the ground
(3:22) or dive into a puddle and land in a fluffy cloud shrouding around the crowd of people whispering out loud,
about how the end is the beginning and the beginning is ending now.
(3:29) And if the end is the beginning than I'ma begin it now and if I begin with
the end, I end with the beginning now.

There is no such thing as a pig in the sky even Beth Gibbons knows that pigs can't fly.
There is no such thing as a pig in the sky, even Tori Amos knows that pigs can't fly, silly.
Track Name: Victorious
I raise my flag really high. You should see it blowing in the wind.
I am you, I am me, I am I, I am us.
(0:30) Victorious, notorious, so glorious, I am such,
I belong in the days of old where there glorious stood notorious and thus their stories were told.
And the war was waged with the sword, not forged by the pen in battle.
Sounder fought alongside King who bled with his men and the opposing fled
the scenery of such fabulous greenery to reunite and honor their victorious dead.
The rugged terrain paints the back drop,
the gargantuan mountain pierces the clouds that hang high above the cash crop.
Monuments are built, philosophy is valued. There is honor among men. Humility and guilt.
I'll die for the shield and could think of no better way to go but to die on the field.
(1:14) I am brave, I am worthy of praise, I deserve a memorial for the service that I gave.
Marvel at the black marble that sit atop the grave, you are standing at the very spot where I am Many lays.
(1:26) If you'll carry out my bidding, might you brake me out the grave,
set fire to my carcus and kindly ship me away, and I will sail into the darkness
with body adorned in flames and when the physical has perished a cherished
tale shall remain of a righteous sacrifice made by a human not in vein.
The evolution of an artist, brilliant his true incarnate.
(1:45) Let us journey through these miserable times with the unthinkable in mind and the
unfathomable well within our grasps and carry on through these
brutal conditions and unforgiving circumstance this luxurious burden of a task.
(1:58) The avalanche will come sliding down to cripple the tiny giant
walking tall beneath on higher ground but retire not the mission,
surrender not your passion, you have never been this tired, you mustn't stray from the path.
(2:10) You will exhaust every obstacle, any challange that is brought before you.
When before you will tople, nothing can stop you to achieve the unobtainable.
Conquer the impossible, see the unexplainable,
(2:22) What does it mean to be an artist?
To triumph in the darkest of hours,
to fathom miraculous vision and bravely harness ones' inner power. Open your mind. I am a vessel.
(2:28) My inner person is instinct with the inner workings of the impeccable.
Within a certain realm do I excel and hop from level to level at a rapid pace..
I am Victorious.

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